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Frequently Asked

About Our Food

Where does Heartland source its food?

Almost all of our all-natural and organic meats and vegetables come single-source, from top quality farms located right here in the good old USA. Although, we do have a few other sources due to our high quality standards. For example, seafood and various exotics come from all over the world depending on where the highest quality products can be sourced from. For more information, check out Our Farms.

Are the farms local?

Finding quality food means finding quality farms. We only source from farms that meet our rigorous quality standards. When we can work with a local farm we do. For example, our poultry comes from a family farms in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. While local is important to us, the very best quality for our families and yours is most important.

What makes your food delivery service better?

We are the only home food delivery service in our area that develops customized menus based on family size, portion sizes, nights per week cooking at home, allergies, dietary restrictions, and more. We even customize ounces, thickness, bone-in or boneless, skin-on or skinless. Since no two families eat the same, no two custom food plans will be the same! Consider us your custom butcher.

What makes Heartland a better choice?

Our foods are source-verified and farm-specific so you will know the exact farm where your food was grown or raised. We provide every detail including exact raising locations, animal breeds, humane animal handling practices, feeds (if there are any), pasture rotations, processing guidelines, packaging guidelines, transport guidelines, blast freezing practices and more.

How do you differ from organic/natural store options?

It all comes down to standards and regulations. USDA Certified Organic only pertains to the farming aspect of any given product not the processing, packaging or distribution of the product. The entire process from farming, processing, packing, and transporting are all of the utmost importance to the team at Heartland. This is why Heartland operates at a higher standard than simply a local or USDA certification. You can trust our own set of standards go above and beyond generic/USDA certifications. Both organic and All-Natural regulations require a high level of quality during crop cultivation or livestock raising. The real differences come after harvest or slaughter.

Cleaning: Our regulations require all machinery that touches a product be steam cleaned only. Since USDA Certified Organic regulations only covers farming/raising practices, this allows in some instances for cleaning chemicals to be used on machinery that packages organic products.

Packaging: Our regulations require that only natural products like rice paper can touch food. Organic regulations allow for products to be packaged with a styrofoam tray and/or cellophane wrap. Non-natural paper can also be used to separate items. Furthermore, at Heartland all of our vacuum sealed products are in BPA free, recyclable cryovac.

Freezing Methods: Organic products can be frozen using conventional methods like slow freezing below 32°F, which allows crystallization to happen. Our standards are for quick freezing/flash freezing which means products are frozen at an accelerated rate therefore ensuring proper nutrient sustainability. This method prevents crystallization and kills 98.47 percent of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not need oxygen to survive). Our regulations also require that food products must be vacuum-sealed, which prevents aerobic bacteria from forming (bacteria that use oxygen to grow/live).

Nutrition, Diets & Menu

My family has dietary restrictions, will your service work for us?

Almost definitely! Our Wellness Consultants will work with you to create a fully customized menu from our list of more than 2,000 products including products that are all-natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten free, paleo and keto diet friendly, and our all-natural product line comes with the Heartland Promise of no antibiotics, no steroids, no preservatives, no chemicals, and no growth hormones.

Do you have meal plans for vegetarians?

At this time we do not offer exclusively vegetarian or vegan menu plans. Animal proteins (beef, poultry, seafood, etc.) are prominently featured as part of a balanced diet in our custom menus. However, our service does offer enough flexibility to accommodate individual family members with vegetarian or vegan preferences; just not full vegetarian orders.

Do you have Kosher/Halal food?

We make no special provision to provide foods or menus which strictly conform to Kosher or Halal standards.

Do you carry USDA organic foods?

Yes! Our vegetables are USDA certified organic. Our 100% certified organic meat product is available by special order. From 100% all-natural to organic to 100% grass fed, we can get you anything your family needs.

What kinds of foods are available?

Menus are completely customizable to your tastes and dietary requirements. With your Wellness Consultant as your guide, you can mix and match a wide variety of selections. Menu plans are customized from our wide selection of Black Angus Beef, Family Farmed Poultry, Prime Pork, USDA Certified Organic Vegetables, and more. In full we have more than 2,000 products including a selection of exotic meats and rare finds.

Cost & Satisfaction Guarantee

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

We are so confident in the quality of our foods that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are displeased with a particular food item for any reason, we will replace that item with another item of equal value at no cost to you.

Will I save money with your service?

Heartland Home Foods is not a discount grocer. We deliver a much higher quality of food than is customarily found at your local grocery store, provide you with customized menu planning, and many other benefits. Our service is designed to provide easy, convenient access to consistently flavorful, well-balanced meals in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. However, we do work within your family’s food budget and our customers always say they are happy with the value for the money.

How much does your service cost?

It depends on the needs and eating habits of your family. Each order is unique and so the price varies each time. There’s a huge range in what it can cost depending on the plan we put together. Each package is customized for each individual family. Typical menus end up with the cost per meal ranging from $4-$7. The best thing to do is setup an appointment to try the food, then you can decide if it makes sense for your family after we build a custom menu!

Food Quality

Have you ever had a recall?

We have never been subject to recall in the history of Heartland Home Foods. We are very proud of our food safety record.

How does your seafood compare with fresh seafood?

Significant research has been done in this field, and what the studies show is the difference between frozen and fresh fish is negligible – in fact, frozen fish occasionally edges out fresh in nutrient value. The reason is that fresh fish must be shipped, and seafood nutrients begin to break down soon after harvesting. By quick freezing/flashing freezing immediately on site, our fisherman seal in those nutrients and so every fish we sell comes with that just-out-of-the-ocean flavor.

Since your food is frozen, is it the same quality as fresh?

Quick freezing/flashing freezing preserves both the nutrients and the goodness of food. Using this freezing method and rapid chilling typically by means of convection in which cold air is circulated around the product locks in the nutrients in the original integrity of the product. This method quickly seals the outer layer of food products prohibiting bacteria growth and preventing product dehydration. The process must happen quickly enough to prevent ice crystals from forming (commonly referred to as freezer burn). This also preserves superior food texture and consistency.

I have heard frozen vegetables have no vitamins and minerals, is that true?

Studies have shown that vegetables picked and frozen at the peak of ripeness generally have a higher vitamin and mineral content than store bought vegetables that are picked early and allowed to “ripen” during storage and shipment. By quick freezing/flashing freezing the product, we can halt the decaying process that begins to take place the moment a vegetable is picked.

Food Delivery

How long before my order arrives?

Because we have our own delivery team, we are able to schedule our deliveries at times that are convenient for your schedule. Typically, your order will be delivered within 3-7 days after it is placed.

Is there a charge for delivery?

There is no charge for delivery. We also put everything away in an organized fashion for you and show you where everything is located in your freezer.

How do the deliveries work?

We have a highly trained and professional delivery team. Each of our delivery specialist are trained in-depth regarding food handling practices and customer care. We bring everything to you in Heartland freezer trucks. From our freezer to yours, your food will be maintained at 0 degrees to preserve the upmost quality. We even put everything away for you and then show you where in the freezer it’s located to make sure your complete order is audited. All delivery personnel are full time employees that are qualified and background screened to assure your comfort in every step in your experience with Heartland Home Foods. Furthermore, we never use subcontract delivery services.

Ordering for New Customers

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our program is designed to help you live a healthy lifestyle with amazing food at its center. This cannot be accomplished with just one or two meals. Your Wellness Consultant will help create a plan that works for your family and let you know the minimums during your initial appointment.

I am a new customer. How do I place an order?

Placing your first food order is easy. Request your free sample and one of our Wellness Consultants will bring you a variety of food to try, explain our service in detail, and if you are interested, plan your family’s fully customized menu based on your unique tastes and dietary needs. Call 800-492-5592 or fill out the sample request form to get started today.

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