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Why Heartland?

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Heartland Foods guarantees that our Farm-Sourced product line is 100% chemical-free with no additives. Furthermore, all frozen foods and groceries are guaranteed to be the finest quality available. In addition, if any of our Beef, Poultry, Pork Or Seafood products do not meet your complete satisfaction, then we will exchange it at no extra cost.

What this means to you is risk-free eating. If you don’t like the taste of something, we have a toll-free number you can call, even if it’s 2 years down the road!

For up to six months after delivery, Heartland Foods, Inc. will replace or exchange any food product that does not meet with your family’s complete satisfaction.

Heartland Promise

Always Humane, Responsibly Raised

Our foods are sourced from farms that use humane animal raising and handling practices. In fact, our chicken comes from the first farms to ever be certified humane and our cattle are grass-fed right here in the USA.

A True Never Ever Program – The Heartland Promise

  • NO Antibiotics EVER
  • NO Steroids EVER
  • NO Preservatives EVER
  • NO Chemicals EVER
  • NO Growth Hormones EVER

Eliminate the time you spend in the grocery store. Discount membership options available.

Meet the Team

Zach Hirsh

Senior Health and Wellness Consultant

About Zach

Zach has a real passion for health, nutrition, and overall wellness. This personal journey to change his life and health began in early 2015. Zach says, “Heartland has given me a platform to be able to reach so many families, and help others along their individual health journeys!” Working out, playing with his dog Bielski, and always expanding his mind to become a better person are passions of Zach’s outside of work.


Matt Wesp

Senior Health and Wellness Consultant

About Matt

Matt’s passions include all the aspects of healthy living, including food, physical and mental fitness. Matt joined the Heartland Team back in 2015 and recently said, “It’s changed my life to be part of a movement, helping families eat amazing beef, pork, poultry and seafood so easy and conveniently shopping right from their home. I’ve helped so many families since I’ve started but there are so many more to connect with and serve.”


Lindsay Miller

Referral Specialist

About Lindsay

Lindsay came to Heartland Foods with an interest in health and wellness. She enjoys talking to families and introducing them to a healthier and more convenient lifestyle for their busy families. Lindsay lives with her husband, daughter, son, and poodle. She enjoys being active outdoors with her family.


Kathy Gorman

Reorder Specialist

About Kathy

Kathy brings 40 years of experience to the team, including time with inside sales, outside sales, marketing, and government work. She enjoys cooking and coming up with her own recipes. Using Heartland’s shrimp and scallops is a definite favorite. She enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her kitties. Kathy loves working with the Heartland family of customers to provide timely, attentive, and upbeat service.


Meghan Russo

Operations Assistant and Events Coordinator

About Meghan

Meghan has been with Heartland Foods in SC since its doors opened in October 2018. She is most passionate about the consistently high quality of the products and humane animal handling used by our partner farms. Meghan has two daughters that she absolutely adores. She spends her free time finding fun and exciting activities to do with them.


Kat Tan

Event Manager

About Kat

Kat is an effervescent marketing extraordinaire with over 15 years of experience in the field of sales and event marketing. After working as freelance marketing consultant for several years, Kat rejoined the Heartland team in 2019 as the Event Manager. Since her return, Kat has successfully implemented a digitized lead generation program for shows and has elevated consumer engagements with new and improved booth presentations.


Delivery Experts

Delivery Experts

About Delivery Experts

The Delivery Experts are the heart in Heartland Foods. Their attention to detail, hospitality, and determination to go above and beyond are representative in thousands of reviews of appreciative Heartland Foods customers. This group really cares and it shows!

Meet the Executive Team

Jerry Freishtat


About Jerry

Jerry has been the President of Heartland Foods since its inception in 2003. A graduate of the University of Maryland with degrees in Business and Economics, Jerry has designed, developed, and implemented several successful businesses in his 40-year career. Currently, Jerry is the Vice President of the All-Natural Food Council of North America. He has a history in athletics playing on the University of Maryland golf team and actively coaching youth sports while supporting each of his 5 children in various sports and activities. In more recent years, Jerry has taken his commitment to health and wellness to a new level and took 1st place in multiple divisions in the Maryland State Body Building Championships. Now a spokesperson on Success through Health and Wellness, Jerry is an advocate on the importance of health, nutrition, and fitness while raising healthy families.


Lisa Kalishek

Director of Operations

About Lisa

Lisa was born and raised in the Maryland/Northern VA suburbs with a background in Telcom, Project Management and has been with the Heartland Team since 2005. She has been thrilled to use her skills to be part of an organization with such a meaningful mission. Lisa is a people person with passion and perseverance. She works one-on-one with our many families to understand their needs and find ways to constantly improve our service. Lisa considers being a parent to her two children her greatest accomplishment of all and that working with our talented staff who have passion and purpose is a true blessing.


Justin Freishtat

Vice President of Sales

About Justin

Justin has been involved in the family business since he was a young teen working in the warehouse as well as on the delivery team. After 8 years serving families all over the mid-Atlantic as a Health and Wellness Consultant, Justin has been moved into a new position of leadership to take Heartland and the service as a whole to the next level. Justin is obsessed with food sourcing and safety, farming practices, and helping families get together around the dinner table. When asked what he does outside of work, Justin said, “I have to stay active, play hockey, train hard at Icon Gym, and recover with healthy meals and massages. I also spend quality time with my wife and my crazy dog!” He hopes that his all-encompassing health and wellness lifestyle continues to inspire others to take control of their health.


Kenny Krens

Logistics Manager

About Kenny

Kenny is a Logistics Executive with over 20 years of experience in the field.  As such, he oversees the logistics program and advises on all matters concerning logistics support and functions. Kenny is a Baltimore native and is excited to join the Heartland team!


Simon Rosa III

Marketing Director

About Simon

Digital Marketer specializing in analytics, SEO, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and advertising. “Getting a life changing product into the hands of millions of people is what I feel like I was called to do, I also believe that eating right is a form of self-respect.” Simon lost over 100 pounds and has become passionate about sharing his story in the hopes that it may inspire others.  Simon now enjoys working out, traveling, flying his drone, making videos and anything adventurous!


Shannon Rosa

Marketing Director

About Shannon

Passionate leader of Social Media, Relationship Marketing, Digital Media, and Facebook mastery. Shannon is a food enthusiast and recently went back to school and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach training program. When asked what she enjoys, Shannon said, “I enjoy creating delicious and healthy recipes, running, hiking, photography, being creative and obstacle course racing!”



About Our Food

Almost all of our all-natural and organic meats and vegetables come single-source, from top-quality farms located right here in the good old USA. Although, we do have a few other sources due to our high-quality standards. For example, seafood and various exotics come from all over the world depending on where the highest quality products can be sourced from. For more information, check out Our Farms

Finding quality food means finding quality farms. We only source from farms that meet our rigorous quality standards. When we can work with a local farm we do. For example, our poultry comes from a family farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. While local is important to us, the very best quality for our families and yours is most important.

We are the only home food delivery service in our area that develops customized menus based on family size, portion sizes, nights per week cooking at home, allergies, dietary restrictions, and more. We even customize ounces, thickness, bone-in or boneless, skin-on or skinless. Since no two families eat the same, no two custom food plans will be the same! Consider us your custom butcher.

Nutrition, Diets, & Menu

Almost definitely! Our Wellness Consultants will work with you to create a fully customized menu from our list of more than 2,000 products including products that are all-natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, paleo- and keto-friendly, and our all-natural product line comes with the Heartland Promise of no antibiotics, no steroids, no preservatives, no chemicals, and no growth hormones.
At this time we do not offer exclusively vegetarian or vegan menu plans. Animal proteins (beef, poultry, seafood, etc.) are prominently featured as part of a balanced diet in our custom menus. However, our service does offer enough flexibility to accommodate individual family members with vegetarian or vegan preferences; just not full vegetarian orders.
We make no special provision to provide foods or menus which strictly conform to Kosher or Halal standards.