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Wild-Caught Seafood featuring True North Seafood Company

Did you know that studies show the difference between frozen and fresh fish is negligible? In fact, frozen fish occasionally edges out fresh in nutrient value. The reason is that fresh fish must be shipped, and seafood nutrients begin to break down soon after harvesting. At Heartland we make sure you get the healthiest quality seafood.

From the boat to your table, all of our wild caught seafood is quick/flash frozen right at the moment of harvesting to seal in nutrients and bring you that just-out-of-the-ocean flavor.
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Fillet of salmon with asparagus
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Salmon Fillet

The Sockeye Salmon is packed with rich flavor. When cooked our Sockeye Salmon produces medium sized flakes and a firm-texture. The Scottish Farm Atlantic Salmon have a mild flavor. When cooked this salmon produces large flakes and a medium-firm texture. The North Atlantic Salmon is sustainably farmed in the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Maine, raised on a natural diet from sustainable sources and are hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide free.


Mahi-Mahi Fillet

Our Mahi-Mahi is lean and mild with a sweet flavor profile. When cooked Mahi-mahi produces large, moist flakes and a moderately firm texture.


Flounder Fillet

Our Flounder Fillets are traditional in flavor, and flaky. When cooked this flounder produces small flakes and a medium-firm texture.


Orange Roughy Fillet

Orange Roughy is a delicious white fish with a firm texture and mild flavor.


Cod Fillet

Our high quality Cod Fillets are lean and mild in flavor. When cooked, our Cod Fillets produce large flakes and a tender-firm texture.


Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass is loved by many chefs. It has a mild, rich and buttery flavor and a moist, firm, tender texture with large flake.It retains moisture after cooking. Some refer to it as the Filet Mignon of fish.


Tuna Steak

Our Tuna Steak is a delicious fish with a medium-mild flavor and very firm texture. Tuna Steak lends itself best to grilling or searing cooking applications.


Stuffed Shrimp With Maryland Crab

A lean source of protein, these Maryland Crab stuffed Shrimp are a delicious dinner or impressive appetizer whenever you host a dinner or party.


Scallops – Bacon Wrapped

The sweetest, plumpest wild caught sea scallops, wrapped in hickory smoked bacon


Crab Cakes with Maryland Lump Crab

These Maryland Crab Cakes are made of delicious colossal crab meat, known for its bright white color and amazing taste.


Marinated Salmon Options Available

Atlantic and Sockeye salmon filets sustainably farmed in the cold, clear waters of the Gulf of Maine. Options include skin-on or skinless, as well as Maple BBQ, Lemon Herb, and Jamaican jerk marinades.


Lobster Tail

Some consider the filet mignon of shellfish! Wild caught with a delicious flavor!