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How do you differ from organic/natural store options?

It all comes down to standards and regulations. USDA Certified Organic only pertains to the farming aspect of any given product not the processing, packaging or distribution of the product. The entire process from farming, processing, packing, and transporting are all of the utmost importance to the team at Heartland. This is why Heartland operates at a higher standard than simply a local or USDA certification. You can trust our own set of standards go above and beyond generic/USDA certifications. Both organic and All-Natural regulations require a high level of quality during crop cultivation or livestock raising. The real differences come after harvest or slaughter.

Cleaning: Our regulations require all machinery that touches a product be steam cleaned only. Since USDA Certified Organic regulations only covers farming/raising practices, this allows in some instances for cleaning chemicals to be used on machinery that packages organic products.

Packaging: Our regulations require that only natural products like rice paper can touch food. Organic regulations allow for products to be packaged with a styrofoam tray and/or cellophane wrap. Non-natural paper can also be used to separate items. Furthermore, at Heartland all of our vacuum sealed products are in BPA free, recyclable cryovac.

Freezing Methods: Organic products can be frozen using conventional methods like slow freezing below 32°F, which allows crystallization to happen. Our standards are for quick freezing/flash freezing which means products are frozen at an accelerated rate therefore ensuring proper nutrient sustainability. This method prevents crystallization and kills 98.47 percent of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that do not need oxygen to survive). Our regulations also require that food products must be vacuum-sealed, which prevents aerobic bacteria from forming (bacteria that use oxygen to grow/live).

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