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All Natural Beef

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At Heartland Home Foods, we work with the regions top purveyors of fine and healthy foods. We carefully select the best and bring them to to you!

Poultry Products

Below is a sample list of some our products. You can download our entire catalog in PDF format at this link.

Product IdDescriptionPackageSpecial

Poultry - Cage Free All Natural

1301Murrays Breast - Boneless1-6 ozANF
1302Murrays Drumsticks2-4 ozANF
1303Murrays Full Legs2-8 ozANF
1305Murrays Thigh - Boneless Skinless2-3 ozANF
1306Murrays Split Breast - Bone In1-12 ozANF
1307Murrays Thigh2-3 ozANF
1304Murrays Quartered Broiler1-3.5 lbANF
1308Murrays Whole Broiler1-3.5 lbANF
1309Murrays Whole Broiler Split1-3.5 lbANF
1310Murrays Wings2-5 ozANF
1366Murrays Breast Chunks1-8 ozANF
1333Murrays Cutlet - Thin Cut4-4 ozANF
1371Murrays Fajita Strips (Stir Fry)1-1 lbANF
1311Ground Murrays Chicken1-1 lbANF

Poultry - Marinated Breast

1347Cajun Boneless Skinless Box12-5oz 
1352Lemon Pepper Boneless Skinless Box12-5oz 
1354Italian Boneless Skinless Box12-5oz 
1355Mesquite Boneless Skinless Box12-5oz 
1357Southern Herb Boneless Skinless Box12-5oz 
1370Strips Italian Style (Stir Fry)1-1 lb

Poultry - Specialty Poultry

1320Young Roasters1-6.5 lbAN
1322Rotisserie - Whole1-3.5 lbAN
1326Drummies4-4 ozAN
1329Party Wings1-5 lbAN
1332Breast - Boneless Box12-5 ozAN
1362Pub Chicken - Cheddar3-5 ozAN
1363Pub Chicken - Cheddar/ Bacon3-5 ozAN

Turkey - Turkey

1381Breast - Bone In1-6 lb Holden FarmsAN
1388Breast - Boneless1-3 lbANF
1384Breast - Boneless1-6 lbANF
1395Cutlet4-4 ozANF
1389Drumstick1-1 to 1.5 lbANF
1397Ground Turkey1-1 lbANF
1383Premium Turkey Burger12-4 ozANF
1376Whole1-12 to 14lb Honey SuckleAN
1391Wings2-10 ozANF

Turkey - Gourmet

1393Boneless Chop - Thick1-8 ozANF
1396Free Range Whole1-14 to 18 lbANF