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All Natural Beef

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At Heartland Home Foods, we work with the regions top purveyors of fine and healthy foods. We carefully select the best and bring them to to you!

Pantry Products (Dry Goods)

Below is a sample list of some our products. You can download our entire pantry catalog in PDF format at this link.

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special
G501 Soap 16-4 oz Dove
G503 Body Wash, Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals 3-24 oz Dove *NEW*
G504 Soap 20-3.75 oz Irish Spring
G505 Body Wash, Sensitive Skin 3-24 oz Dove *NEW*
G506 Soap - Sensitive 16-4 oz Dove
G507 Soap - Hand 4-11.25 oz Soft Soap
G700 Toilet Paper 1-30 ct Scott
G701 Toilet Paper 1-36 ct Charmin
G706 Facial Tissue Square 1-10 ct Kleenex

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G400 Soft Scrub Bathroom / Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach 3-36 oz Soft Scrub *NEW*
G401 Bathroom / Kitchen Cleaner With Bleach 6-28 oz Comet
G402 Bathroom Cleaner 3-25 oz Scrub Bubbles
G403 Kitchen Cleaners Sos Pads 1-50 ct

G405 Window Cleaner With Refill 1-1 gal Windex
G406 Dishwasher Complete - Liquid 1-125 oz Cascade
G406P Dishwasher Complete - Powder 1-125 oz Cascade
G407 Dishwasher Action Pacs 1-105 ct Cascade
G408 Dish Detergent Liquid 1-90 oz Dawn
G410 Dish Detergent Liquid (Anti-Bac.) 1-90 oz Palmolive
G411 Disinfectant Wipes 5-78 ct Clorox
G412 Disinfectant Spray 3-19 oz Lysol
G413 Air Freshener 3-9.7 oz Febreze
G414 Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge 1-14 ct Scotch-Brite *NEW*
G415 409 All Purpose Cleaner with Sprayer 1-180 oz 409 *NEW*
G416 Finish Powerball Tabs - Fresh Scent 1-100 ct Finish *NEW*
G600 Detergent Liquid (he) 1-170 oz Tide
G601L Detergent Liquid (he) 1-250 oz All Free & Clear
G602 Detergent Liquid 1-170 oz Tide Original
G605 Detergent Liquid (he) 1-225 oz All Stain Lifter
G606 Detergent Liquid (he) 1-220 oz Gain
G607 Detergent PODS (he) 1-80 ct Tide Spring Meadow
G608 Detergent Powder 1-225 oz Tide
G610 Fabric Softeners Liquid 1-170 oz Downey Ultra
G611 Fabric Softeners Liquid 1-168 oz Snuggle
G612 Fabric Softeners Sheets 1-250 ct Snuggle
G613 Fabric Softeners Sheets 1-260 ct Bounce
G614 Bounce Free & Sensitive Fabric Softeners Sheets 1-240 ct Bounce *NEW*
G806 Dishwasher PACS All Natural 1-45 ct

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G101 Ketchup 3-44 oz Heinz
G101OR Ketchup - Organic 2-44 oz Heinz O
G102 Mustard 1-30 oz French's
G103 Mustard - Jars 2-16 oz Grey Poupon
G104 Mayonnaise 1-64 oz Hellmann's
G105 Mayonnaise Light 2-30 oz Hellmann's
G106N Sea Salt (Disposable Grinder) 1-14.6 oz McCormick's
G107 Sea Salt & Whole Pepper Disposable Grinder Combo 1-9.5 oz Old Thompson
G108 Pepper * Whole Peppercorns* (Disposable Grinder) 1-6.5 oz Earth's Pride Organic O
G109 Sugar Domino 2-4 lb Domino
G109OR Sugar 1-4 lb Wholesome Sweetners O
G110 Diet Sweetener, Organic Stevia 1-24 oz Earth's Pride Organics *NEW*, O
G111 Diet Sweetener 1-1000 ct Splenda
G112 Diet Sweetener 1-300 ct Truvia
G114 Barbeque Sauce 2-40 oz Sweet Baby Rays
G115 Barbeque Sauce 2-45 oz Masterpiece
G117 Relish - Sweet 2-24 oz Vlasic
G118 Old Bay Seasoning 1-24 oz Old Bay
G119 Miracle Whip 1-60 oz Kraft
G199 Peanut Butter 2-48 oz Skippy
G199N Peanut Butter - All Natural 2-48 oz Skippy ANF
G200 Peanut Butter - Creamy 1-26 oz Earth's Pride Organics *NEW*, O
G201 Peanut Butter 2-48 oz Jif
G201C Peanut Butter - Crunchy 2-48 oz Jif
G219 Jelly Concord Grape 2-32 oz Welch's
G220 Strawberry Preserves 2-32 oz Smuckers
G222 Jelly Variety
** Blackberry, Strawberry, And Raspberry ** All Fruit With Fiber
3-15.25 oz Poloner ANF
All Natural
Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G801 Detergent - Laundry (Concentrate) 1-64 oz Lifetree AN
G802 Household Cleaner (Concentrate) 1-32 oz Lifetree AN
G803 Dish Soap - Citrus (Concentrate) 1-32 oz Lifetree AN
G804 Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner 1-24 oz Lifetree AN
G805 Bathroom Cleaner * Lifetree All Natural 1-32 oz Lifetree AN

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G210 Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1-3 L Bertolli
G211 Olive Oil Extra Light 1-3 L Bertolli
G213 Cooking Oil Canola 1-5 qt Wesson
G214 Cooking Oil Vegetable 1-5 qt Wesson
G216 Olive Oil Extra Virgin, Organic 1-34 oz Rozzano *NEW*, O
G228 Cooking Spray 2-12 oz Pam
G231 Coconut Extra Virgin Oil 1-36 oz Better Body *NEW*, O

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special
G202 Chicken Noodle Soup 6-18.5 oz Campells/Progresso
G204 Cream Of Mushroom Soup 10-10.75 oz Campbell's
G205 Tomato Soup 12-10.75 oz Campbell's *NEW*
G206 Tuna Fish - Solid White Albacore 8-5 oz Bumble Bee
G207 Tuna Fish - Chunk Light 10-5 oz Starkist
G215 Baked Beans Original 6-16.5 oz Bush's

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G702 Paper Towels 1-12 ct Bounty
G704 Napkins 12X12 1-600 ct Bounty
G705 Press 'n Seal 2-140 sq ft Glad *NEW*
G707 Plastic Wrap 1-400 ct Glad
G708 Aluminum Foil 2-250 sq ft Reynolds
G709 Trash Bags (13 Gallon) Tall Kitchen ( Force Flex ) Unscented 1-130 ct Glad * Update *
G710 Trash Bags (30 Gallon) Large Garbage 1-90 ct Glad
G711 Storage Bags - Jumbo Zip 1-46 ct Hefty
G712 Storage Bags - Freezer 1-38 ct Hefty
G713 Storage Bags - Sandwich 2-115 ct Glad
G714 Paper Plates - Dinner 10 3/8" Eco-friendly 1-115 ct Chinet * Update *
G715 Plastic Cups 1-116 ct

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G209 Rice Long Grain 1-12 lb Uncle Ben's
G212 90 Second Rice ( 2 - Roasted Chicken, 2 - Long Grain & Wild, 2 - Original ) 6-8.8 oz Uncle Ben's *NEW*
G226 Rice Himalayan Basmati 1-15 lb

G227OR Rice Organic Long Grain Brown 2-2 lb Lundberg O
G230 Rice Jasmine White 1-25 lb Super Lucky Elephant
G300 Pasta - Regular Spaghetti 1-1 lb Barilla
G300GF Pasta - Spaghetti 1-12 oz Heartland GF
G300W Pasta - Spaghetti - WW 1-1 lb Bionaturae O
G301 Pasta - Thin Spaghetti 1-1 lb San Giorgio
G302 Pasta - Angel Hair 1-1 lb Barilla
G303 Pasta - Penne 1-1 lb Barilla
G303GF Pasta - Penne 1-12 oz Heartland GF
G303W Pasta - Penne - WW 1-1 lb Bionaturae O
G304 Pasta - Linguine 1-1 lb Barilla
G311 Macaroni & Cheese 12-7.25 oz Kraft
G311OR White Cheddar And Shells 12-6 oz Annie's ANF
G312 Pasta - Elbow 1-1 lb San Giorgio
G312W Pasta - Elbow - WW 1-1 lb Bionaturae O

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G113 Steak Sauce 2-15 oz A1
G229 Parmesan Cheese 1-24 oz Kraft
G305 Pasta Sauce - Spaghetti Variety
(Tomato & Basil - 2, Olive Oil & Garlic - 1)
3-24 oz Bertolli
G307 Pasta Sauce - Spaghetti (Old World Style) 3-45 oz Ragu
G308 Pasta Sauce - Spaghetti (Traditional) 2-67 oz Prego
G308OR Organic Pasta Sauce (Family Marinara) 3-24.5 oz Amy's O,GF
G309 Tomato Sauce 100% Natural 12-15 oz Hunts
G310 Pasta Sauce - Tomato & Basil 3-32 oz Classico
G313 Tomato Paste 100% Natural 12-6 oz Hunt's
G314 Diced Tomatoes, Organic 6-14.5 oz Muir Glen O

Product ID Description Package Brand Name Special

G217 Apple Sauce - Original 3-48 oz Motts/Musselmans
G218OR Apple Sauce Organic Variety Package - 12 - 4 oz Original and 12 - 4 oz Cinnamon 24-4 oz
G223 Snack Pack Pudding Variety
** 18 Vanilla Grins And 18 Chocolate Chuckles **
36-3.25 oz Hunts GF
G225 Fruit Snacks Variety Pack
** Strawberry, Island Fruit, Concord Grape, Berries 'N Cherries And Mixed Fruit **
24-2.25 oz Welch's GF